Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five for Friday...a day late!

Hey yall!
I missed my favorite linky party yesterday, so I'm jumping on board today!
Here are 5 random things from my week:
1. Last weekend, I flew to Nashville for a bachelorette weekend. I had found some amazingly cheap flights and soon found out why! The plane was in 8 passenger tiny! It was a little scary riding in such a small plane, but the views were absolutely amazing!
2. Once we got to Nashville, we spent the whole weekend celebrating the beautiful bride! Although we didn't get much sight-seeing done, we did make it over to see the iconic Bluebird Cafe!
3. We had our end of the year party on Thursday. We set up a grill and some canopies and had a good ol'fashioned cookout! We also put on some tunes and had a dance party! I tell you what...those kids can dance!
4. After the party, we came in and I gave out our class awards. The smiles on their faces were priceless! These awesome awards came from Georgia Grown Kinders.
5. Friday was the last day of school for the kiddos! I had purchased some super cute tie dye sunglasses for my kiddos at Dollar Tree, so I passed those out when we went outside for recess. They loved their new shades!
Now, I'm off to enjoy the rest of this glorious 3 day weekend! After that, we've got 2 days of post-planning, then its officially summer, baby!


  1. I would have walked to Nashville before I got into that plane!!! We used to live in the Wilderness Territory in Idaho and we had to land on mile long dirt runways. No thank you. I'm a big chicken! I'm glad you girls had fun! Your kids loved their glasses! Cute post!

  2. Love the sunglasses! The views were amazing but I would have been terrified! Lol! Enjoy your weekend! You can do it!!!


  3. I love love love the sunglasses! Such a cute gift! Jealous of your trip - Nashville has always been on my bucket list :)

    Primary Buzz

  4. I love the sunglasses. They have such a cute saying on them, and I am sure the kiddos loved them!

  5. Oh thank you so much for this cute sunglasses idea! Perfect!
    Whimsy Workshop 

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