Friday, May 3, 2013

Sombreros, Maracas, Pinatas...oh my! {freebie}

Hey yall! Happy, happy, happy Friday!
I felt like this Friday would never get here. Testing is such a bummer...
And its not week we begin our DIBELS testing :/ Yuck!
Putting that out of my mind for now, so I can enjoy this glorious weekend!
Today we celebrated a little bit about Cinco de Mayo. I hadn't really planned for us to do a whole lot, but our whole day pretty much ended up being centered around the holiday.
First, we started out by learning all about Mexico with a little Moby action.
We needed some festive wear for the day, so we made Teri's fabulous sombreros. They loved these!
Sombrero Fail
Then we gathered some data by asking our friends "Do you like tacos?" or "Do you like spicy foods?" Apparently, everyone loves some tacos!
We read "Cinco de Mouse-O!" by Judy Cox. Absolutely adored the illustrations in this cute book!
Then we brainstormed everything we had learned about Cinco de Mayo...
...and wrote about it! I gave my kiddos some maracas and let them decorate them however they wanted. I love how different they all are!
This one cracked me right up! Love the stache!
The fabulous sombrero and writing sheets came from A Cupcake for the Teacher's cinco de mayo pack. Go pick it up!
If you want the maracas outline, click here.
Now I'm off to see my kiddos at a local baseball game!

Freebie Fridays
Happy weekend, friends!


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