Monday, March 26, 2012

Bunnies Galore!

Hey yall! Happy Monday!

Remember this door?

I loved it, and it was an award winning door. But I was getting sick of it. Like, if-I-see-it-one-more-day-I-might-just-die sick of it. So, today I just started taking it down, without even a plan as to what would take it's place.

And then....I remembered!

We had gotten this cute little bunny craftivity from Teri...perfect!

So, I whipped out the paper and tracers, and we got busy. We modified ours a little, because I was running low on white contruction paper. So, I talked half of my kiddos into having brown bunnies :)

We also had just learned about using commas in a series. I wanted to incorporate this new skill into our writing, so I asked them to write 3 things that they would do if they were bunnies, put them in a series, and use the commas correctly. Most did great...but some will definitely need lots more practice.

I would give Easter eggs, let people hold me, and let people play with me.

I would jump, eat, and have big, soft, hairy ears.

I would have an adventure, travel, and throw eggs!

Aren't they presh? I think they turned out super cute!

I found some old spring border from last year, my little spring sign, and put these cute bunnies up.
So now, my door looks like this...

 I love it! Perfect way to welcome spring into our lives :) and I really didn't want to come back from Japan and see more Dr. Seuss stuff.

See how I managed to mention my trip in there? Yeah, the countdown is still on, people.
3 more days!!!

I'm thinking I should really get started on packing....


  1. Natalie this is soooooo cute!!!!! LOVEEE IT!! I just posted about a new spring unit I created, it has 5 super fun literacy/writing centers!! Come check it out :)

    Little Miss Teacher

  2. LOVE!!!! Girl, you're awesome! Always makin' my crafts look spectacular! :)
    PS: I'm exactly 3/4 of the way through the book {like a loser I just did the math, ha!}... I LOVE IT!!!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1., you're awesome for creating them! Ha, I told you that you would read it quickly! Its so good! Just wait till you see the movie!


  3. Love the bunnies!!! We did ours today too! And have FUN on your trip :)

    Color Me Kinder

  4. Very cute! I love your door! Have fun on your trip!!!

    The First Grade Dream

  5. Love the door! Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy Japan, it is amazing!


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