Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Yuck....and a Giveaway!!!

Hey yall! First of all, I want to say a huge thank you for all the sweet comments and emails on my post yesterday. If you missed that post, click here to read the story. It is always so hard to hear hurtful things, especially when you have no clue where they came from. My little told me today that his mom also called me arrogant! I am struggling with what to do with this information. Should I just forget about? Should I email the parent? I don't want to open up Pandora's box, but I also feel like I need to make sure I haven't done anything to offend this parent. I honestly can't think of a single thing, but you never know, I guess!

Anyways....on to the next.

I actually left school a little early today due to a bad cough and fever...yuck. And of course tomorrow is our field trip to the Georgia Aquarium! It is the most anticipated day of the year, and I refuse to miss out! 

So I took my feverish self to the doc. The diagnosis? Upper respiratory infection. Luckily, I was armed with some antibiotics and the good cough syrup, so I should be all set for tomorrow...yippee! The doc said to just make sure not to cough in anyone's face....as if I needed the reminder!

Guess what? I have teamed up with some talented ladies for a Spring Ahead {well, not really yet} giveaway! Beth Ann, Sue, Laura, and I have some awesome stuff for you! Look what what is up for grabs...

Head on over to Beth Ann's blog to enter! This giveaway will close on Sunday, March 12th at midnight.

Alright, I can feel my meds kicking in, so time for a nap :)


  1. Hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy your field trip!

    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Hi Natalie! I am your newest follower! You were one of the first three to comment on my blog post for my giveaway but you did not leave an email address. If you would like to receive your packet please send me your email.
    Daisy Days for Learning

  3. Feel better girly! I know the yuck is going around in full force...get lots of rest tonight and enjoy your field trip!!

  4. You are right about not wanting to open up Pandora's box, but it will bug you if you don't find out what's bothering that parent. I'm not sure there is an easy solution, but hopefully you can get to the bottom of it peacefully somehow! Best wishes, and feel better!

    First Grade Brain Sprinkles


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