Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time Out Tuesday

Hey yall! Happy Tuesday!

Warning: this post has NOTHING to do with teaching. Well, I might sneak one or two things in....

Anyone out there from Georgia? Or another state that rains pollen??? My local weatherman, good ol' Chesley, has been warning us about the pollen. "It's coming, people!" he said.

But did I listen? No....no I didn't.

Because if I did, then I would have taken some sort of allergy medicine.

But I didn't....so I didn't.

And now everything is covered in a layer of yellow. Yuck.

Do you see that pollen count? That is a record breaking number, folks! Ol' Chesley told me that anything over 1500 is considered high....umm, in case you can't tell, today's count was 9,368!!!

To be honest, I don't usually have any issues with allergies....but today? I was totally rocking a slight headache and itchy eyes all day long.

I took some pictures of my car to show you how bad it really is...but gmail is giving me a fit right now. So instead, I am showing you some pictures from around the Atlanta area. These are all pictures from yesterday or today, and are courtesy of 11 Alive.
It looks almost white in this picture...but trust me, it is allll yellow. This is actually a black car!

Notice the yellow tinge in the lake...yep, that's pollen!

"Up North, you wipe off snow. Down south, we wipe off pollen."

This is not my car....but my car is just as yellow!

Poor sweet guy! He has pollen all over his face!

Honestly, these pictures don't even do it any justice. It. is. awful.

Pollen is nothing new, it comes every year, and every year I swear it's worse than the year before.

But this year, it actually is worse!

Okay, enough with the pollen.

Is anybody even still reading this? I don't know how I got off on that rampage....

What I really wanted to share with you guys tonight was my most favorite blog.

And it is not a teaching blog...

{Shock!} {Gasp!} I know, I know. It's okay...you can unfollow me now, and I *promise* I won't track you down and beg you to come back.

This blog is my favorite because....it FEEDS ME PEOPLE!!!


Anybody know this blog? Gina is ah-mazing and all of her food is delish!

The best part? It is all low cal! She includes the nutrition info for every dish, and even has the WW points! Seriously....she's awesome.

I have made so many recipes from this site, and our dinner tonight even came from Gina.

See exhibit A.

This is the chicken and broccoli noodle casserole. Doesn't it look amazing? Trust me, it was :)

And today, she posted a recipe for skinny Texas cheese fries....ummmm...can you say yum???

So, seriously, head over there now. You can thank me later :)

Here is the part where I sneak in a little teaching.

Remember when I said we made those cute little leapin' leprechauns from Teri? I finally took some pics today...

Cute, right?

Pssst.....one more thing! Is anybody else counting down the days until this...

3 more days! And no, I am NOT going to the midnight showing...it's a school night, people! And I'm not 16 I need my sleep....

Okay...teacher out!


  1. Yikes! That pollen is bad. And we do get it up North too! It was so bad last year that it was setting off our fire alarms in our school. We spent a lot of time outside last spring! It hasn't hit yet, but it's been unusually warm here so I think it's coming soon.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. I LOVE Skinnytaste! I make a recipe at least once a week from her site. I made the spinach-feta pie this weekend and it was delish! Every recipe I make from her, I love!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. Wow, I can't believe all that pollen. I wouldn't be able to breathe at all there. Ugh... I thought it was bad in Florida, but I think you may have it worse. On another note, I am hoping to go Friday night to watch The Hunger Games. Can't wait to see how it comes to life.


  4. The pollen is killing me...it is TERRIBLE here, too!
    (love the leprechauns!)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  5. yes!! Pollen is HORRIBLE!!!
    and those fries look SOOOOO yummy!!

  6. The local movie theater put up a sign two weeks on the big marquee two weeks ago for Hunger Games.I read the books, then my nine-year old, then she talked my husband into reading them. We all got excited like it was some special sneak preview. My husband cleared our whole day to go watch it. We were terribly disappointed to find they were selling tickets in advance. We'll be there probably by 5:00 Friday evening.
    Second Helpings

  7. I totally hear you about the pollen! My husband and I hose down our cars constantly during the week!!! I never had allergies when I lived in NY but down here in Georgia its a whole nother story!!!!!! I to had the headache and itchy eyes all day yesterday!

    Brittany J
    Little Miss Teacher

  8. Wow, that's totally worse than Alabama! I know how you feel!! Definitely going to try that website out, always looking for new recipes!

    The Daily Alphabet

  9. Our cars in NJ turn yellow/green, too! It's terrible!!!
    Thanks for the shout-out! LOVE how they turned out ;)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  10. The pollen here in Georgia is terrible isn't it? I'm so ready for some rain this weekend. Hopefully enough to wash all the nastiness away! If you have a chance, come check out my new blog!

    Jayme Carrillo


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