Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday night blues? Not this girl! And a *freebie*!!!

Hey yall! Can you believe how fast this weekend went by? And I don't even care....wanna know why???

Because I am going to Japan in t-minus 4 days!!!

Just a little forewarning, the countdown is on, so expect to hear that every day for the next four days :)

Some of you were asking me why I was going to Japan, so I thought I would answer your questions.

This is my older sis (one of them) and I.

 Please ignore the sweaty. This was at Tybee Island and it was hot.

My sweet older sis and her family currently live in Okinawa, Japan. My brother-in-law is in the Army, and they have been stationed there for the last three years. We have missed them like crazy!!!

But they are moving back to the states this summer....yay!!! The problem is, the airline won't fly dogs during the summer months for such a long trip, and they need to get their black lab Holly back to the states.

Sooooo....cue moi!

I am flying over there during my Spring Break to visit for 12 whole days, and then I will be bringing Holly back with me!

This is Holly, and my sweet niece Morgan.
We are going to be adding Holly to our brood for the next month or two, until they move back to the states.

Hope these 2 don't give Holly too much hassle :)
We can't wait to take her to our favorite dog park! We went today, and look at how many people were enjoying it!

Okay, onto teachery things!

I finished my Spring Buddies Math Activities unit, and it is up for sale!

Pick this 33 page unit up at my TPT store here for $6.00
save a little money and get it from my TN store here for only $5.00!

I am lazy and did not feel like making a collage, so here is the breakdown and a few pics from the unit. This unit includes:

*Buzzing Fact Families: 8 cards, recording sheet, and answer sheet

*Spring Stories: 6 different word problems, corresponding counters, recording sheet, and answer sheet

*Puzzles for Ewe: 12 number cards, 120s chart, recording sheet, and answer sheet

*Bunny Bump: game card and corresponding game pieces

*Snail Time: 9 time cards, recording sheet, and answer sheet

I started adding answer sheets to my units, because I thought it might make checking their work a little faster. Is this something that you guys like? Just want to make sure I'm not wasting my time!
I love how this unit turned out! These little spring graphics are too cute! I really had a hard time deciding what to share with you guys as a freebie...but I think the snails are just adorable, so I went with those :)
Click here to get your free copy of the Snail Time math center.
Hope you guys aren't suffering from a case of the Sunday night blues!


  1. Natalie! You won my giveaway! Check out my TPT store and let me know which 2 items you'd like - you can do it after you get back from your trip if you need to!!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. Oops - might need this.

  3. We're doing the countdown too!! Can't wait to see you!

  4. You're going to love it! I was stationed in Misawa Japan years ago. It's amazing. I go excited for you just reading your post. Have fun!

    Randi @ Teach It With Class
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