Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guest Blogger: Chrissy

Hey everybody!
This is Chrissy with Buzzing with Ms. B, and I'm late.

So sorry!

You know how when you go visit somebody
and you're a guest
and you're all awkward
and forget how you usually hold a glass
and feel like you suddenly have two hands that are just flopping around
and where do I usually keep my hands?

That's what's happening here.

I volunteered to be a guest blogger for Natalie, and I'm super excited about it!
But when I sat down to write my post, I was like,
"What do I write about? What do I usually write about? WAIT- why on earth would anybody read any of that stuff?!"

And I kind of fell apart.
I started several different posts. 
If I were home, I would be writing about my obnoxious adventure in re-obtaining a copy of my W-2.
I also might be writing about my nose-picker. Gross.

But I'm a guest and I somehow feel like that would be weird.

So we're gonna talk about number lines.
Normal, right?

We've been working on number lines for a while. Like, all year. Now we're dividing them into halves and fourths. To start off, I told a story about walking the track. That's something everybody can understand, I figured.

So we drew this little sketch of the track on the input side of our math notebooks. 

Then, we talked about a little guy walking the track who needs to be motivated, so a coach stands around every side and says, "YEAH!" That's why it was divided into four equal parts. For motivation :)

Then we made this pull-out foldable out of a sentence strip. We started with the whole strip and folded it into four parts. That's four laps. We labeled each part as one whole lap.  We also drew our little guy who needs motivation on the top. 

Then we folded each lap into four parts. Each part is one fourth. We colored the wholes above the line and the parts (fourths) underneath, so they could identify the wholes and parts. They tend to forget about the wholes and only label the parts. 

On the output side, we practiced labeling number lines that had missing numbers.
It was a start, anyway. We'll keep practicing, but it seemed to give the kids an anchor experience to relate everything else to! Try it out :)

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