Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guest Blogger: Misty

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to join all of you while Natalie is vacationing in Japan!

My name is Misty, I am a graduate student, mom to 3 amazing boys, and married to my best friend. I am also completing practicum hours in a fourth grade classroom. Part of my graduate program requires me to prepare for the National Boards so I had to choose and I chose to specialize in the intermediate grades. I love my kiddos! You can learn more about my adventures at:

I also have another site that I absolutely love as I get to collaborate with so many amazing teachers. I designed this site to be a gathering spot for teachers in grades 3-6. It is has everything a teacher needs... chocolate, coffee, and free!

I have come to realize that making an 
assumption is dangerous.
Especially in the classroom.
Every child is unique.
They have their own strengths and weaknesses.
Their own experiences and values.
Their own story to tell.

Being a teacher allows us to become a part of the story. We are helping to form their strengths and weaknesses. The decisions we make, the assumptions we act on determine the fate of the children in our care.

I will admit, I am guilty of assuming something. I even assumed it was true of my own children. After all, I know they can read. I know there favorite place in the entire world is a Barnes N' Noble.... especially if it includes a trip to the Starbucks!

What I didn't know, was that they did not know all of the sight words. GASP! How? How can they not know these words?

I saw this with my ESS (SPED) students. They struggled with the simplest words. I saw this with my nephew when he came to live with me: an 14 year old African-American (well.... half any ways!) male from a poverty stricken neighborhood. I see this in the ELL students. I see this ........... everywhere.

Yet I assumed that when I reviewed reading strategies that I could skip the sight words as everyone knows those. Sometimes, it is the smallest things that make a difference.

So.... even in fourth grade, I created sight word cards for use with my students. I have them work in pairs, one reads the words, one uses the list to cross out the ones missed. If they get them all right, the can spell them or define them.

 You can find this item in my store. For a limited time, I have it listed as a free resource!

Sight Words is an App for your iPad or iPhone that has all 5 lists on in it plus nouns. It is great for review with kiddos who prefer technology to flashcards. Even if it is flashcard-like.

Sight words are something they should see and use daily. Being a strong reader means you know these. One of the best gifts I can give my students is to ensure that they are the best readers they can be when they leave my classroom.


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