Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm baaack....with 12 on the 12th!

Hey yall! I feel like it's been ages. Like I've been missing out. I opened up my Google reader and I had over 800 unread posts...yikes! I'm not gonna lie...I felt some anxiety!

All caught up now, though. Whew!

I know you all are dying to see some pictures from my fabulous trip, and I can't wait to share them with you!

However...I have been planning on linking up with Doodle Bugs for her monthly "12 on the 12th." I wanted to last month, but I wasn't prepared. I wasn't ready, and didn't want to rush through it.

But today? I was ready. So yall will just have to wait to see my amazing pictures.

Low and 12 on the 12th :)

We have some serious testing going on at our school right now...the BIG test for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes, and practice tests for the 1st and 2nd grade classes. This also means that our kiddos miss their specials (my planning time) AND we have to eat lunch in our classrooms (my other break time). Needless to say, I do not get breaks on these days, so this was a must this morning.

We started learning about fractions today. What is it about fractions that make firsties think they are really big kids? They were so excited! We started off by reading this cute book. It had me itching to make a cute anchor chart to go along with it...maybe I can channel Abby or Cara?
Remember how I said we didn't have specials today? Well, in lieu of that much needed break, I turned on some Kids Bop (on a low level, of course) and let my littles have some quiet free time. This little munchkin decided he. just. had. to. dance.

What happens when you leave for 12 days, and leave the hunny home alone? You come back to a bare kitchen. And due to the extreme jet lag I've been fighting the last few days, I have not had the energy to go grocery shopping. But I did have the hubby pick me up some Hot Pockets for lunch. Where did I eat this fatty, greasy nutritious, well-balanced lunch? Well, at my desk of course! I TOLD you we had to eat lunch in our classrooms today...I totally felt like the nerdy kid who had nobody to eat lunch with. But I did manage to knock a few posts off my Google Reader...

We are currently working on our plants and animals unit for science, and we got to observe some freshwater snails today! We busted out the magnifying glasses and got to observing!

Close-up of the little snail he was observing.

This totally had be bumming today. The border around my nonfancy, nonsmart white board has lasted me all year. But now, with 25 days left in the school year (that's right! the countdown has begun!), some squirt ripped it. Grr.
Hey Jennifer, we definitely share a love for Dots on Turquoise!

Even though I had a minor accident at the dog park yesterday, I decided to give it another go today. These sweet babies were riding in the backseat. Don't they look just awesome sitting next to each other? That sweet black lab is my sister's dog that I picked up on my trip....sweet Holly. And that little guy is our loveable Dude.

Remember Holly? Umm...I JUST introduced you to her. Well, we had bought her this stuffed football that we found on clearance at Petco. This is what has become of it....about 12 hours after we bought it. She definitely had her dollars worth of fun with it :)
The hubs and I took a trip to one of my favorite places...Hobby Lobby. I got some goodies that we need for a little craftivity at school tomorrow. Also, I picked up some items I need to make my pinterest-inspired craft for the blogger exchange...can't wait to get it put together!
I found this super cool star made of driftwood while in Okinawa, and the hubs hung it up for me! I think it looks great on our front door.
Look what came in the mail!!! Inside this box is the Carson Dellosa set I won last week from Amanda's giveaway. Can't wait to open this up and see all my goodies!!!

Head on over to Doodle Bugs to link up for this fun little party!


  1. Thanks for the fraction book recommendation! We're doing fractions in second grade and my class loves it. :)

    I love your star!

    And my dog is small and destroys those stuffed toys too, haha!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. I wish I could channel the artsy fartsy like Abby and Cara to make anchor charts more spectacular. For some reason, I don't have this much needed skill. And I feel your pain with the dog toy! My energetic little bundle of joy has destroyed many a thing, including two pairs of my glasses, the ones that help me to see things!


  3. Jet lag stinks huh? It takes me about two weeks to feel like a normal person again. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Welcome back :)

    Ooh looks like you'll make something cute (of course!) for the exchange. My stuff is almost finished. I so want to post pics, but it may give it away to the person if they follow my blog lol.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  5. Should have warned you...every stuffed thing she has ever had winds up like this! Glad to know she's still acting like herself:)

  6. That little Dude is a cute pup!!

    And I would have ripped into that CD box right away.. I love their stuff!

    Thanks for joining my linky party :o) PLEASE {pretty please} come back next month!

    Doodle Bugs Teaching
    Doodle Bugs Paper


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